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Our Story


Ageless Global is a leading manufacturer, developer, and supplier of wellness products that range from essential household cleaning agents to best-in-class CBD products in addition arguably the most effective nutrition and performance enhancing line of products.


Ageless Labs

…was founded by experts in anti-aging research and stem cell therapy treatments. Ageless Labs develops hemp-based formulations of the highest quality. With the highest bioavailability, cannabis extracts are hydrophobic (incompatible with water, and the water-based bloodstream).  This leads to an unpredictable AND low absorption of only ~6% to 12%. Our proprietary technology extracts Cannabinoid oil from Hemp directly into water, allowing for a 91% absorption that has an onset in less than 15 minutes! All of our formulations go through rigorous quality testing, and we also employ PK (Pharmacokinetic) testing on the products to confirm the availability of the Cannabinoids in the bloodstream.


Lion's Fuel

Lion's Fuel nutritional products provide superior quality and performance for anyone looking to improve their daily body, life and athletic performance. Affordable and effective, never pay more than $30 for an individual product. 


EZ Safer Surface

When applied to surfaces, it acts as a very powerful cleaner, sanitizer and COVID-19 defense. It is all-natural, safe, non-toxic and will remove harmful disinfectant residue left behind by other toxic cleaners. Since it is a dilution of an EPA registered Fruit and Vegetable wash, it is safe to use in cooking environments and near food. To show its effectiveness against the COVID-19, Ageless tested it against the COVID-19 pathogen at an independent lab. 

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