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Who we are


Darren Lopez,
Co-Founder & Managing Member


Darren Lopez has a 23-year diverse entrepreneurial background in nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and anti-aging/wellness. Darren’s specialty skillset and diverse experience has allowed him to help innovate new products, develop supply chains, and establish initial marketing/positioning for groups and products that allowed them to grow from start-up to millions in sales. He has also served as a strength and conditioning advisor for elite and amateur athletes for 28 years (takes great pride in turning average amateur athletes into college level). He has served as a volunteer coach at the junior high and high school level for 12 years (winning 10 Region Championships and one State Title). He is the creator of the 9-hour diet and has designed or co-designed a number of products.


Dan Schmidt, 
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder 


Dan Schmidt has spent the past 26 years seeking ways to improve the quality of life for people by developing and commercializing innovative healthcare products and services.   Dan has extensive experience in therapeutic medical devices and treatments including, Radio Frequency, Stem Cells, Laser and Ultrasound Technologies, Non-Surgical Skin Tightening, and Fat Reduction. Dan has created advanced treatment protocols for aesthetics, both in skin tightening/rejuvenation and hair restoration, and has provided training in clinical environments to physicians and other medical providers worldwide.  Dan has implemented and overseen multiple clinical studies including cannabinoids and SARS-CoV-2.


Dr. Steven E. Warren, 
Medical Director 


Steve Warren MD is a triple boarded physician who has practiced for over 35 years. He completed medical school at George Washington University and then finished a family medicine residency and preventive medicine residency. He has practiced as a rural medicine physician, a geriatric physician, and an addiction specialist. He is currently a regenerative/longevity physician focusing on genomics (DNA and epigenetics) and determining the root cause of chronic illnesses. He is using cutting-edge stem cell procedures, peptides, hormone therapies, IV nutrition, etc. He and his wife run Regenerative Wellness Center combining personalized medicine with aesthetic practice. He is devoted to improving your healthspan. They want you to feel good as well as look good.

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