Immunoral is a New Adjunct Therapy to Support Healthy Immune Function.

Immunoral is a therapeutic combination of CBD, nano-silver, specialized mineral oxide NSF-60 water, and Vitamin C that shows promise to naturally support immune function. The therapy is based on strong science on the immune system with proven ingredients that work synergistically. With over 100 clinical studies (the combination of NSF 60 Mineral Oxide Water and Nanosilver) showed great results in killing the current pathogen.  

$49.95 per Bottle

1oz (150 sprays)
Flavors: Raspberry or Lime

Five benefits of using Immunoral


  1. Immunoral Can Help Supporting Your Natural Immune System
  2. Immunoral is Easy-To-Use And Take
  3. Immunoral Gives You Peace Of Mind, Protection, and Reassurance that You are Doing What is Possible to Support Your Immune System
  4. Immunoral Effortlessly Helps Support Your Bodies Ability To Fight Off , Viruses

The science behind Immunoral

Immunoral Mouth Spray offers next generation protection and natural defense for our new world realities. Immunoral combines the patent-pending CVK-365 with CBD to have natural immune boosting and virus defense.

CVK-365 & Nano Silver AG404 work together


Clinically Tested, Immunoral CVK-365 Mouth Spray supports your natural immune defense to inactivate, attack and shield against foreign pathogens, to safeguard your health.*

Immunoral CVK-365 Mouth Spray's dual action harnesses the natural attacking power of Hydroxyl Radicals (HR) with an additional wave of catalytic action from Nano-Silver AG404 (NS). Each molecule in the Nano-Silver AG4O4 coating can steal multiple electrons from the pathogens weakening and inactivating them. This combination offers your body health protective benefits.*

Immunoral CVK-365 Mouth Spray Multi-Action defense has been clinically tested by an Independent Research Lab (Clinical USA) on hard surfaces and is shown to inactivate pathogens at over 98% within 2-minutes with no regrowth in 48-hours.*

Hydroxyl Radicals + Catalytic Action = Superior Natural Immune Support

$49.95 per Bottle

1oz (150 sprays)

Flavors: Raspberry or Lime

Water Soluble CBD & Vitamin C

We know from research that CBD and vitamin C are very active immune support nutrients and neutralize free radicals.* CBD has also been shown in studies to be effective in reducing stress and improving sleep. By introducing those into our system daily, we can reduce infections.


CBD, in a 2019 systemic review Antioxidative and Anti-inflammatory Properties of Cannabidiol, found that CBD does play a role as a potential therapy for diseases associated with oxidative stress and can reduce inflammation in our bodies. 


As medical professionals continue to understand how COVID-19 attacks the body, it’s been known that the virus can attack the lungs, causing devastating circumstances.


Scientists have discussed “cytokine storms” — immune system proteins — cause the body to attack its own cells and tissues rather than combatting the virus itself, which causes the body to fight itself rather than the virus, according to WebMD.


Researchers from Augusta University recently published a study claiming that cannabidiol (CBD) can treat lung damage and fight a cytokine storm, which might be a game-changer.


A new study published in the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine found that CBD can reduce a cytokine storm by increasing levels of apelin, a natural peptide that can reduce inflammation which occurs in the lungs.


Vitamin C is a water-soluble micronutrient that supports our immune system. It improves the body's ability to increase the killer T cells, helps improve the body's ability to kill pathogens, and decreases the inflammatory cytokines 15 (the cytokine storm that the COVID-19 pathogen produces is one of the causes of death in subjects). Vitamin C is vital with regard to boosting the immune system and building our defenses against pathogens, vitamin C has many benefits.


$49.95 per Bottle

1oz (150 sprays)
Flavors: Raspberry or Lime