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Ageless Global, LLC. was founded by medical professionals specializing in, anti-aging, alternative/integrative medicine, health & wellness and pain management. The Company’s portfolio of technology and products currently include two patent-pending products. In addition, the Company has developed a suite of natural wellness products in the pain management, focus and brain health, ECS health and weight loss markets. 

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Dual Action Immune Support and Viral Defense

MD CVK-365 Mouth Spray contains clinically proven CVK-365 water and other natural ingredients to help support your immune system.*


Tested and affordable, MD CVK-365 Mouth Spray supports natural immune defense to inactivate, attack and shield against foreign pathogens, to boost your immune system.*


MD CVK-365 Mouth Spray's dual action harnesses the natural attacking power of Hydroxyl Radicals (HR) with an additional wave of catalytic action from Nano-Silver AG404 (NS). Each molecule in the Nano-Silver AG4O4 coating can steal multiple electrons from the pathogens weakening and inactivating them. This combination offers your body health protective benefits.*

MD CVK-365 Mouth Spray Dual Action defense has been clinically tested by an Independent Research Lab (Clinical USA) on hard surfaces and is shown to inactivate pathogens at over 98% within 2-minutes with no regrowth in 48-hours.*


Immune-based Therapy for Immune Defense

Immunoral Mouth Spray, an immune-based adjunct therapy combination of CBD, nano-silver and NSF 60 mineral oxide water (CVK-365) and Vitamin C that shows promise to naturally defend against pathogens in the body. This therapy is grounded in the science pertaining to the immune system with proven ingredients that work synergistically. An initial test group that has been taking Immunoral since March 2020 resulted in great success.  


Over 100 clinical tests on CVK-365 (the combination of NSF 60 Mineral Oxide Water and Nanosilver) showed positive results in killing pathogens on hard surfaces surfaces and in-vitro, it is also is safe to ingest. Users are instructed to spray orally five times in the morning and five times at night to support their natural immune system to effectively fight off the virus. Current flavors offered are Raspberry Lemonade and Lime. 


Oxygenated Water that can destroy the COVID-19 Pathogen on Various Surfaces

EZ Safer Surface Cleaner (“EZ”) is an all-natural, EPA registered, clinically-tested supercharged oxygenated water able to eliminate resistant pathogens and is more powerful than ozonated water. EZ is 100% U.S. made with all-natural, organic, allergen-free and non-toxic ingredients that the FDA approved for food contact surfaces, making it the ideal cleaning solution for various food surface areas without the fear of toxicity.  EZ Safer Surface also removes harmful disinfectant residue left behind by other traditional cleaners. 


To show its effectiveness, we retained and independent lab to test against EZ Safer Surface against the actual COVID-19 pathogen (SARS-CoV-2).  


Within these tests EZ Safer Surface Solution demonstrated a 99.9% kill rate within 2 minutes whether you wipe or just mist and let dry. Versatile, safe, and compatible with ionic sprayers and diffusers, users are instructed to mist desired surface areas and let air dry. Ageless is currently offering the cleaning solution at under $0.25 cents an ounce at


Anti-Aging hemp-based formulations of the highest quality.

Ageless Labs is a suite of holistic products aimed at naturally, and powerfully improving people’s sense of well-being, managing pain, losing weight and creating optimal health and wellness.  Harnessing the powerful of naturally occurring water-soluble cannabinoids in conjunction with other natural vitamins, minerals, essential oils, adaptogens, nootropics and other supplements.  


To improve and guarantee effectiveness we clinically tested our cannabinoids to ensure maximum absorption, getting into the blood stream in 15 minutes.   


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